Tizoc attributes his first musical inspiration to his father, whom he used to sit down and listen to while he sang and played his guitar. He then received a guitar of his own at the age of 9, and has since dedicated his entire life to music.
Over the course of the next twenty years, Tizoc would go on to develop his skills, play in various bands, release a few albums, earn his MFA, begin teaching at a public high school, and save enough money to purchase everything he needed for a project home studio.  He soon realized that composing, as opposed to songwriting, was what gave him the most enjoyment.  Upon this realization, Tizoc focused solely on composing music that painted a picture; that told a story without words.
This resulted in the composition of pieces that were very visual in nature and he began to brainstorm ways in which his music could be accompanied with visuals of some kind. He began scouring the internet for appealing short films and took the liberty to re-score them with his own music as practice. It wasn’t until mid 2014 that he became curious about writing music for video games, a favorite pasttime of his. With this in mind, Tizoc began to compose music with an emphasis on enhancing the gaming experience.

Tizoc Estrada studied music at Loyola Marymount University and graduated with a BFA in 2004. He continued his studies at California Institute of the Arts and graduated with an MFA in guitar performance.  He currently teaches guitar as an elective class at his local high school.