This tune is part of an unfinished project of mine. At the time I was writing it, I had this idea of performing live music (with an ensemble of musicians, and varied instrumentation) set to short films, where the music would be written specifically for the film itself, like Disney movies. I had ideas for lighting and projectors and things. It never came to fruition, but I thought I’d share one track in particular that I felt turned out really great. This is called Winter, and it’s about an older couple (40’s) that decide to relive their days of fame on ice with an improvised routine. They flirt with each other, get close to one another and suddenly distance themselves, teasing one another. Just imagine the music representing the gradual progression of intensity in their skate routine, and in the end, them feeling like they’ve fallen in love all over again.

w2 guy

The sketches were done by Craig Smitherman. If you like his style, here is his email address: